Magic Piano by Smule App Reviews

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Also for the user interface, I would like search the songs created by smule and created by public separately. Add a filter or something. And, give us a kind of an id number so that we can load our progress between ios and android. A lot of games has that feature why not magic piano?

It's a nice app and I love it BUT the amount of ads is out of hand. Crazy. I get an ad before and after every single piece I try to play. I'm not bothered with a few ads every now and then but this is ridiculous. WAY TOO MANY ADS. Please stop this nonsense. I give 1 star just because of that issue.

I cant open the app!!!!!


O love it!


Ok, thats great. But the story that I must pay at future.... What f* history guys... Just a Toy! No pay , just enjoy!!!


The best, viciante...


Muito bom, ótimo, show.

New version is perfect

Thanks for the great update. Now you can play your own Songs and Songs from other users

magic power

Wow.this game is! But i hate that i Must pay 25 smule coins for a song that was from a player...but 5 stars!

Why is it iOS8 now only?! I was a daily long time player and now I cant even use this app. PLEASE MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH iOS7!!!!!!!!!

Very funny

Much fun


Very peaceful


Used to like this app To many Adds Not enough free songs to expensive to upgrade

Apps fun, Smule sucks

Love the app, but having to pay $~ money a week/month/year is stupid. Wont be recommending this app unless it changes to a flat rate or make the app more usable.

Nngh, not as fun.

Not as fun as Piano Tiles or VOEZ. I never got into this game.....It doesnt have MY kind of songs ahaha- mm, thats just me so blame me for selfishness.

Too many changes

I liked this app better when there was an ability to play it offline, Im tired of having to go through my whole song library to pre download everything just to play it while Im travelling. Bring back the offline ability. Sure composer is nice but if someone takes someone elses work and adds minor changes to it, what happens to the originals artists credit? Also ads at every corner, i know they support the app but its getting ridiculous, every song download an ad, even trying to leave the song to play another. Ad. Save the ads for the smoola increaser options please

The free song selection is terrible now

Why is the free song selection now just a handful of the same community songs? And its all video game themes. Stop cheaping out, and make some new songs available for free.

Buba hates 21

Dont ever use the number 21 for ANYTHING! Isaac Leonard lurks in the dark corners

Amazing if UR willing to spend money

The app is great if your willing to spend $10-55 of in app purchases. If you do not want to spend iTunes money, the free options are very minimal and there are a lot of ads

Too many ads and too expensive

A flat rate would turn this review from 2 stars to 4 and half. The game is decent, its just not worth the monthly fee they are charging to have access to all the songs. And, on top of that, theres A LOT of ads.

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