Magic Piano by Smule App Reviews

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Also for the user interface, I would like search the songs created by smule and created by public separately. Add a filter or something. And, give us a kind of an id number so that we can load our progress between ios and android. A lot of games has that feature why not magic piano?

It's a nice app and I love it BUT the amount of ads is out of hand. Crazy. I get an ad before and after every single piece I try to play. I'm not bothered with a few ads every now and then but this is ridiculous. WAY TOO MANY ADS. Please stop this nonsense. I give 1 star just because of that issue.

How is it?

I really like this app. But there are so much adds. Every time I finish a song an add pops up


The game currency is hard to obtain, you either have to watch a video to only get five, the songs range from 25-75 smoola, or you can like their Facebook page for maybe ten I think, or you can obtain 25 or 1 depending what level youre on but once the levels get higher it takes way too long to pass, TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad update

I updated my operating system yesterday, and I went to play the piano app today. The app forced me to update it before I could play it, and now it wont even open. Need to fix it. Used to be a favorite of mine

Too many ads

I just wanna play piano hero. Why tf are there so many video ads???

Love this app

Its crashing please fix, love playing but it started crashing Friday December 1, 2016, please fix play everyday but know I cant even play s song because it will crash after I get done playing or it will crash right after I loaf the app up so can you please fix it so I can play some more of these wonderful songs, thanks.

Great app, way too many ads.

Love all of the music, and I would absolutely love to play more, if only the apps wouldnt stop me from doing so.

Smule Piano Game

I have this game a rating of three stars. Why? Well, 1. I dont like that subscriptions arent worth it, its hard to earn Smule coins, and you dont get any smule coins from people purchasing your composed songs. 2. ADVERTISEMENTS. OH MY GOSH. So many ads before and after almost every single song you play. Even ones you "purchase" with your hard earned smule money has an ad. Theres so many its annoying. PLEASE fix. :/


I love this app but am experiencing a problem when trying to play more than one note - they keyboard seems not to register more than one finger at a time so I cant play anything more than an easy difficulty. Can you help me troubleshoot? Thank you!

Magic piano

I like this game it is very addictive

Great app

I have played some of the best songs

Composer gets messed up >_<

The notes do not appear whenever loading the composer section. >_<

Okay... Smule listen up NOW

Your app is crazy bad. Every time that piano tiles comes up I drop my iPad on the ground! And thats 100 times a day! Also I have only three smula and Im on Lvl 14!!!! I only bought one thing! Also when I do four fingers it kicks me off... EVERYTIME... YOU HEAR THAT EVERYTIME!!! Now I absolutely HATE giving bad reviews but... Sometimes I have to!

Not responsive

Pressed the keys but not responsive enough. Needs work.


I love Magic Piano its amazing!!! I just wish some stuff was a little cheaper


Yet another game that uses manipulative wording and screens to try and get you to pay. First pop-up "Free trial!" ($4 per week). Literally 30 seconds later another pop up, "$3 per week". Deleted


App is a great one , absolutely love it, so much fun that everyone should play it

Sale Section

Ive recently saved up enough smoola to buy some songs but when I go to the side to look for the sale section, its missing. Also with the all songs section. This is very frustrating because I like to look for songs that do not cost a lot of smoola for its very hard to get. I dont know why you would take these sections away. Please add them back.


If I could I would rate this game 5M

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